Focusrite : ISA 428/828 A/D Card


Focusrite : ISA 428/828 A/D Card

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Focusrite : ISA 428/828 A/D Card

The Focusrite ISA eight channel 192kHz A-D converter out performs every other converter yet devised, and is the first audio A-D converter to utilise Burr-Brown Pro Audio Amplifiers and flagship PCM4220 A-D converter chips.

With cutting-edge conversion technology seated within Focusrite custom analogue circuitry, the ISA 428/ 828 AD card delivers unparalleled performance; specifications include a dynamic range of 122dB and jitter less than 250 picoseconds.

The Focusrite ISA 428 & ISA 828 A/D card can be retrofitted to an ISA 428 or 828 at any time and, thanks to its convenient 25-pin D-Type connector, integrates seamlessly with ProTools HD as well as other popular hard disk recorders and mixing desks. Digital formats include an eight-channel single/dual wire AES/EBU and S/PDIF output, as well as an eight-channel ADAT lightpipe (SMUX/SMUX2) output. Word clock i/o is provided via dedicated BNC connectors.



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