Blue : Drum Kit Kit (Drum Set Microphone)


3-piece Drum Miking Kit with Two Dragonfly Microphones and One Mouse Microphone

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A Vintage-style Drum-miking Kit!

Here’s your new drum miking solution! Blue packaged their Mouse (great for low frequency recording, i.e. kick drum) with a pair of Dragonfly mics into the Blue Drum Kit Kit. The Blue Drum Kit Kit is an all-in-one drum miking solution a la the 3-mic sound of the Stones, Zeppelin, and the Who. The Mouse delivers the bright, forward sound typical of the classic large-diaphragm mics like the Neumann U47 and AKG C-12, mics that have been staples of some of the most memorable pop records for decades. Your recordings not only sound great, but they have that special quality that listeners respond to immediately. This cardioid condenser microphone pushes vocals and instruments right up to the front of a mix, and it does a great job handling kick drums! It features a swiveling capsule and solid-state transformer-coupled electronics.

Complete with an integrated elastic shockmount, a pair of Dragonfly cardioid condenser studio mic bring Blue Microphones’s big, bright sound to the Blue Drum Kit Kit. For vocals, the Dragonfly rules. It provides a similar sweet sound as that of the vintage Neumann and AKG mics heard on thousands of pop recordings in a huge range of styles. Similar in quality, that is, because the Dragonfly is no mere imitator. It puts its own distinctive signature on the sound. No matter what the size of your recording facility, you NEED a Dragonfly in your studio! The ability to position the capsule at so many angles relative to a sound source opens up a world of sonic opportunity for you – especially over a drum kit as an overhead mic.

Blue Microphones Blue Drum Kit Kit Features at a Glance:
Multi-purpose mic – ideal for broadcast vocal, lead vocal, voice-over, bass amp, and kick drum
Cardioid Condenser with Class A discrete circuitry
Blue’s famous hand-built large diaphragm capsule
Perfect blend of high and low frequency capabilities, with the Mouse giving you big sound and robust lows, and the Dragonfly giving you contoured mid-range, silky presence in the highs
Integrated suspension shockmount and rotating head for optimal placement
Hand-tuned and tested
Includes flight case



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